On the hard things

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A year ago I was standing in the line waiting to walk across the stage, and shake the hand and take the piece of paper. A year ago I was sad that the ice came on that day and that the faces I loved wouldn't be there to smile back. On that day, I had finally done it, I had come to the end - the relief, the emotion, the process. It was all over. 

As an adult, a female artistic adult at that, I went back to school - and for what? Business! Business, of all things. What a truly undesirable feat for a creative. Learning was the goal, though, and that I did do. Learning business is the obvious, but what I learned more then anything else is that I can do the hard thing. Twenty nine years old, working 3 part time jobs at once, and full time classes. Tired body, tired mind. Twenty nine and forging my way, pushing my way, fighting my way 'til the very end. Doing the hard thing. 

Sometimes hard things look like being an artist in a business school, working one too many jobs, no self care. Sometimes hard things look like choosing to be nice to your spouse on the bad days, or forgiving that friend that let you down. Sometimes hard things are emotional and sometimes they are physical. But one thing is always true of hard things - they are always present. Hard things will always exist, it's true, but how we respond to the hard things is the most important part.

I know for certain that my responses to the hard things in life have not always been the best or prettiest. I also know that it was through those hard things that I learned to overcome, push through, fail, and get back up again. Overcoming only works if there is something to overcome. The hard things could be big or small, but with each one that we face, we have an opportunity to learn through it and grow with it.

Cheers to every choice to overcome in the face of all the hard things.

the later gift

I'm not sure when it started exactly, this sudden interest in becoming a whole, healthy human. Sure, we all want to be healthy, but the way we define health is what compels our decisions, and before now, I was only mildly interested in defining that.

Years of hearing my mom's raspy voice run through my mind. Not raspy because of smoking like some, but because of a nodule that formed through decades of taking care of others over herself. Her words over the phone, fervently telling me which one of her natural remedies I needed to take, which one would heal my aches, my scrapes, my broken heart. She always had the antidote.

My skepticism was never hidden, and I questioned all the things. "Is this even proven? Why does it take so long to work?". I needed the cramps to stop now, the grief to be over, the cut to be healed. 

I think I knew my mom was giving me of what little she had - a single mom of four children with adult opinions. I think I knew she struggled to get us everything we needed and still hug us at the end of the day and endlessly listen to her passionate children speak. I think I knew all of that. 

What I didn't know is that when she was stopping me from taking pain pills first for my cramps, or telling me the five supplements to take for my upset stomach, that she was actually giving me a later gift. She was giving me health, not just for now, but for the older, more wrinkled me. 

I encourage you to remember, friend, that natural health might take a little bit longer, but it is long term solution. Whatever your reason for going on this journey of learning whole health is, let us always remember that by doing so, we are giving ourselves the later gift.    

Until next time!



The Why


If you're anything like me, there always has to be a reason why. Especially when it comes to the biggest decisions of life, because those are the ones we have to be in for the long haul. When it comes to sustaining anything long term, there has to be a "greater than me" why, otherwise, on tired or uninspired days,  or "I don't feel like it" days, it becomes easy to just not show up. But the thing is, I want to show up.

Showing up for myself is one thing, but showing up for someone else is entirely different. It means that I'm not just learning how to live this purposeful life all by myself. It means we are learning together; and together, I can do.

So, here I am, showing up! I am starting The Coastal Kind blog with you in mind. I am going to bring to you all the things that inspire me, in hopes that they inspire you too. I will share insight into the design world, creating beautiful spaces, and resources for making things pretty. I am going to talk about clean eating, all the homeopathic remedies I can find, and herbal stress relief as I, too, am learning what true health means and how attainable it is.

I'm not sure how you found me, but I would like to thank you for being here. That means that we're all searching together to create beautiful, meaningful lives and I'm glad that led you to The Coastal Kind.

Thank you for being my reason why. :)